Attorney, author, LEGAL and political Commentary, SEXUAL ASSAult prevention

Attorney, author, LEGAL and political Commentary, SEXUAL ASSAult prevention

Attorney, author, LEGAL and political Commentary, SEXUAL ASSAult preventionAttorney, author, LEGAL and political Commentary, SEXUAL ASSAult prevention


keynote speaker


With over 20 years on the speaking circuit, Dr. Patrick will bring an engaging presence to enhance your next event. 

media Personality


With over 4,000 media appearances, Dr. Patrick offers insightful legal, political, and lifestyle commentary on the latest cutting edge topics.

behavioral Analysis


From political candidates to 

 criminal suspects, Dr. Patrick offers insightful observations, revealing traits and characteristics missed by the untrained eye and ear.   

media coaching


Dr. Patrick provides workshops or one-on-one media coaching for aspiring on-air commentators.



Read countless rave reviews of enthusiastic friends, fans and followers.

radio host


Dr. Patrick is an experienced radio host and guest with decades of experience on the air. 


psychology today columnist

 Wendy Patrick, JD,   PhD

Check out Dr. Patrick's Psychology Today column "Why Bad Looks Good"

Successful Author


Dr. Patrick is the author of Red Flags (St. Martin´s Press) and co-author of the New York Times bestseller Reading People (revision) (Random House).

Workshops and lectures


As a prosecutor, ethics professor, threat assessor, and behavioral expert with a PhD in theology, Dr. Patrick offers a unique variety of programs. 


international speaker


Dr. Patrick presents workshops, keynotes, and seminars to audiences of all sizes, domestic and international. 

career trial attorney


  As a career trial attorney, Dr, Patrick has completed over 160 trials ranging from hate crimes, to domestic violence, to first-degree murder.  

business ethics



Dr. Patrick teaches business ethics at San Diego State University, breaking down the business news of the day with an enthusiastic mix of corporate savvy and expert analysis.  

notable quotables


Dr. Patrick has been quoted in the Following Publications:

· The New York Times

· Forbes

· Readers’ Digest

· USA Today

· Washington Post

· Wall Street Journal



· NBC News 

· San Diego Business Journal

· US News and World Report

· Associated Press

· The Christian Science Monitor

· Investors’ Business Daily News

· The Washington Times

· Bloomberg Business

·, Politics

· Bloomberg Businessweek

· SF Gate


· FOX News Magazine

· Concealed Carry Magazine

· MarketWatch

· The Street

· Los Angeles Times 


· Deseret News National

· San Diego Union Tribune 

· The San Francisco Chronicle



· Law 360

· National Law Journal 

· ABA Journal 


· The Oprah Magazine

faith matters



Dr. Patrick is a formally ordained Christian minister with a Master of Divinity degree and a PhD in Theology.  With a solid foundation of both faith and law, she can analyze and explain controversial court decisions, religion in the workplace, and the priorities of evangelical voters.  

threat assessment


 As an experienced prosecutor and Association of Threat Assessment Professionals Certified Threat Manager,  Dr. Patrick can educate viewers about how potential threats are detected, analyzed, and prosecuted, and can also offer detailed, practical, kitchen-table tips on how people can stay safe in an age of terrorism.